Alchemy at AMS - The Power of Great Storytelling
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Alchemy at AMS Rebrand


Alchemy at AMS


Responsive web design, custom logo design, digital marketing strategy, social media strategy, print, video

Brand Strategy
About This Project

After a good long stretch of helping our clients tell their stories, this summer we enjoyed a brief respite from our hectic pace and decided to use the time to tell our own story.
While for over 32 years AMS Pictures has thrived as a video production company, within the last 10 years the company has diversified and restructured into four business groups focused on entertainment, digital media (production and post), public interest, and strategic marketing.
Our particular team, known as AMS Pictures Creative Strategy, needed to define ourselves in a way that acknowledged our legacy yet spoke to our evolution from a script-to-screen video production company to a strategic marketing and creative design agency. While we are still happily a division of AMS Pictures, we decided we needed a new brand identity that differentiated us from the production and entertainment sides of the company. In order to come up with a brand identity that was authentic to who we are, we first needed to do some soul searching.
Inspired by the work of Simon Sinek and others, we put ourselves through a process to refine who we are, what we believe, what we are good at, and where we, as an organization, wanted to go. Using some of the tools that we use with our clients, we underwent a branding process and arrived at a new brand identity, Alchemy at AMS.
As we would do with a client, we began with a discovery process, which included looking at our history and a SWOT analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, successes and challenges. We explored our brand personality through archetypes, and decided on a persona that helps us understand and express our brand personality in a memorable and consistent way. We discovered where our individual values and passions aligned, defined our why, how, and what, and we wrote a manifesto of what we believe. And we made rules we all agree on.
Once the foundations were solid, we decided on a new name and brand identity and created the brand elements which you see here. And then we started telling our story.
The result? We discovered beautiful things about ourselves and our team and our clients that remind us of why we love doing what we do. And we have a “why, how and what” to guide us forward.


We believe everything is possible through the power of great storytelling.


By divining the fundamental truths at the heart of any story and connecting them to human truths to create brand experiences that resonate.


We do marketing, including brand strategy, creative and execution.

Although “storytelling” is a trendy marketing term, our belief in the power of storytelling is authentic, based on our history, experience and individual passions. When the “storytelling in marketing” fad fades in favor of some new trend, we’ll still be sticking to this story—because it’s what we love, it’s what we do best, and we know it works for our clients.
We are Alchemy at AMS.