NRH2O: Reinforced Swimwear Social Media Campaign
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NRH2O Reinforced Swimwear

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Reinforced Swimwear


Digital ads, digital outdoor

Digital Marketing, Integrated Campaigns, Social Media
About This Project

As NRH2O, a community waterpark, was about to launch the season with 4 new spectacular slides, we needed a way to showcase the fun and excitement of the new rides. But as we were preparing an integrated social media campaign, the slides were still under construction. The real challenge was to communicate the intensity and fun of the rides without relying on park photography or imagery.

We thought about how kids might feel if given the opportunity to ‘prepare’ for the intensity of 4 new wild water slides. We talked with kids and family members about the anxiety underlying a new thrill ride. With laughs, the group unanimously landed on a shared concern (and recurring nightmare): losing their swimwear. We developed the integrated campaign around this concept that would be leveraged in print, outdoor and social. In addition, outdoor boards were programmed to respond to actual temperature, noting any time the local temperature rose above 85 and then delivering unique creative that promoted the park.

The season’s not over yet and we have already seen an increase in membership as well as greater attendance overall. Digital ads are outperforming industry average (.15) with a .36 CTR (click through rate).